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Probably no work on the dollhouse today since I’ve been battling migraines for the past 24 hours. But I did want to share an exciting addition that came in the mail today.

For a while, I’ve been putting off doing the entrance hall because I did not want to have to make the staircase (I wanted it to have fancy carvings and I don’t carve wood well at all). And so far, I’ve only found miniature staircases that look like “dollhouses” staircases, in that they don’t look realistic enough for what I wanted. But I recently ran into a company, Miniland in Canada, that makes the most amazing staircase. And so I ordered one and it just arrived…it exceeds all expectations!

The design means that I will have a lot of extra room under the staircase that I hadn’t planned on, so I’ve got some thinking to do.

It comes with a matching balustrade to go around the second floor opening, so I won’t have to match anything to it for that purpose.

So there’s the staircase issue completely resolved. On to other things next time I get to work.

Be well.