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Tonight I started by printing out some watercolor paintings by Louise Rayner, that will hang in the library. She was a British artist who produced watercolors of landscapes and cityscapes in England from around 1860 to 1910. The owner of this house has collected quite a handful for his library.

I taped them up to the walls to see the effect. I may use a couple smaller frames instead of the big one by the fireplace, but we’ll see.

Then I took some late-blooming roses which I had picked from the garden last week and allowed to dry.

I crushed up the petals and placed them in a tiny glass jar, to make a lovely potpourri.

I placed it on a whatnot in the corner of the drawing room. I also added a fan and a throw on the settee. Makes it look more lived-in already.

Then I started staining the trim for the front door. I needed to match the trim that was already around the door itself, so I tried out a new “Honey” stain I had bought for the purpose.

It seemed pretty close. (The original is on the bottom and the newly stained trim piece is on top.) So I started staining and then coating the trim with polyurethane. And then glued the trim into place, after widening the window areas so I could trap the “glass” between the front trim and the trim that would go behind it.

I also cut out acrylic panels for the “glass” windows. (I kept losing these every time I put them down somewhere because they were so clear….!)

Next I stained the edges of the illustration board just in case, so there would not be any white showing on the edges of the glass.

And I placed the doorway back onto the house.

It was getting late, so I didn’t have time to draw the “leaded” pattern on the window panes. So I’ll leave you with a close-up of some of the Louise Rayner paintings, as well as the collection of oddities that the owner has been slowly adding to the top of his bookshelves.

Good night.