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Exhausting first week of school, so I didn’t do much tonight except dream and plan. One thing I decided was that since the only way we will be looking at the entrance hall will be through the front door, we would be able to see more easily if I added a transom and some sidelights. So I started cutting out the shapes for the sidelights.

These will be on each side of the front door.

Then I cut some trim which I will need to stain the same color as the trim around the doors.

And cut out the transom.

Then I doodled a bit to figure out what designs to add to the windows. Came up with something somewhat inspired by the design on the doors.

Placed some bricks on top for the full effect.

Not sure I like the designs on the sidelights. But I like the one in the transom.

Inserted the door with the cut openings into the house.

So we should be able to see the entrance hall through the sidelights…

…and through the windows in the doors.

That’s it for tonight. Sleep well.