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Last night, I used what illustration board I had at home to start making walls for the last section of the first floor. I didn’t have much, so I only got a few done. Hopefully I’ll get some more in the mail soon.

First the entrance hall.

The staircase will go up the right side there. The door in back goes to the dining room. The right doorway goes to the sitting room. And the opening on the left goes to the library.

Then the library…

…and then the dining room.

There will be more walls in the front there, to make the bay window area. But that must wait for now.

And here’s the whole side together.

I received a fabulous room divider for the entrance to the music room on the second floor. Just placed it in to see how it will work.

So here’s the house for now…not very impressive from the outside since I haven’t gotten to that part yet…but you get a good overview. There will be a large porch across the front.

I would say goodnight, but I didn’t manage to get this posted last night…so be well.