After a tiring first day of online schooling with my son, I wasn’t in the mood for finicky little tasks like making curtains and fixing up electric wires. So instead, I turned my attention to the first floor on other side of the house.

This will consist of three rooms. The entrance hall, with these imposing front doors and the staircase to the second floor.

The library, with its shelves full of books and a game of chess in progress.

And finally, the dining room, which will connect up with both the drawing room and the butler’s pantry.

First, the entire floor is missing its foundations, which will bring it up to the same level as the rest of the first floor. The electrical circuits for this section of the house (the house divides in three separate sections) will be stored under the foundations.

So I removed all the furniture and accessories. (The cutouts in the floor are where the walls will be…it helps them stand up better.)

Then I removed the floor section. I took the opportunity to peek from this side into the rooms I have been working on recently, the drawing room and the sitting room.

And also the butler’s pantry…

Then I cut out and glued in a foundation to the floor.

Of course, I completely forgot to leave an opening where I could access the power strip. So I had to cut that out after the glue was dry.

Placed everything back into the rooms…and voila! The section is at the correct level and ready for walls to be added.

That, however, will be for another day… good night.