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It’s been a little while since I worked on the dollhouse. Helping a first-grader do schooling online has become a full-time job. But today, I thought I’d fix up a bench for the downstairs hallway.

I was thinking of having a bench under the stairway in the front hall, but the ones I found were all too big.

So I decided to cut this one through the middle to make it fit.

I cut out a center section of the bench.

Then I sanded both sides so they would fit together well.

Before gluing the pieces back together, I stained the bench.

Then I glued it together and used extra strips of trim to cover the cracks.

After it dries, I’ll varnish it so it becomes shiny. I’ll probably also add a few more trim pieces to balance out the design. But for now, it fits beautifully in the area under the stairs.

I’ve also acquired more furniture for the library over the past couple months…

…as well as some furniture and musical instruments for the music room.

Time for bed. Good night.