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So I got back to work this evening on the cabinets. Cut out, stained, and varnished the rest of the doors…


…attached them by their hinges and added knobs…


…glued the cabinets in place and loaded them with glasses and teacups…


..and there you go. I will need to collect plenty more things to put on the shelves and counters, but for now…the butler’s pantry is finished.  (Three rooms down, nineteen to go…)


Then I turned my attention to the second floor.  Four years ago I had used some sort of design program to make a detailed plan of the house, with all the measurements worked out. Since the only version I had left was a printed one and the ink from that was sadly fading, I thought it would be safer to create an electronic copy again.

So I downloaded Sketchup and was about to enter in the dimensions I already had, when I noticed…well, I noticed that I’m not quite sure what I was thinking four years ago, but the dimensions of the three rooms I had just finished had very little to do with those on the plans…

Since I wasn’t about to chuck the rooms I had made and re-make them with the ‘correct’ dimensions, I figured my best bet would be to start from scratch again for the measurements, using what I had made as a basis and the previously-drawn plans as vague guidelines.

So far I have only sketched out the back section of the house on which I am working.  The completed first floor:

First floor, north side

And the corresponding second floor which I am about to build:

Second floor, north side

The hallway will link these three rooms to the front of the house and the stairs.

I started gluing in the beams and joists that will go between the ceilings and the floor above.


I also drew the approximate dimensions of the three rooms onto the ceiling and added objects to see if the sizes worked before I cut out the floors.


The walls are drawn in green…I think the sizes should work fine. So next time I will finish the beams and joists and create the floors. (I bet the workmen who are building this house will be pleased when that toilet gets hooked up properly…no one likes a porta-potty.)


But for now, I will leave you with one last look at the completed pantry…


(Ack! I just noticed on this photo that the new shelves are pulling away from the wall on top as the glue is drying…I have added a clamp so it’ll dry correctly overnight…good thing I take so many photos!)

Good night.