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Well, first of all, I’ve discovered that since the table on which I was making the house has a dip in the middle, the house itself dips a little in the middle…

So after transferring what I have built to a more level surface, I thought I’d see if I could unbend it by placing heavy books on the second floor.

It wouldn’t budge.

So I thought I’d level out the second floor, at least, and deal with the first floor bend when I build a base for the entire house. Which meant spending a lot of time with a broomstick checking which beams needed to be higher and by how much.


Which ended up being a frustrating, head-ache-inducing exercise of ‘each time you add a little bit here, it messes up the rest of the beams.’ So I gave up halfway through.


Then I thought I’d work on the nursery wallpaper. I had done some browsing online and had come up with these two different combinations of wallpapers, based around a beautiful swan pattern I had found.

Swan wallpaper green lighterb Nursery wallpaper

I thought the second one looked more cheerful for a nursery, so I thought I’d give it a try on the printer just to see if it worked well.

The colors, naturally, ended up printing incorrectly and the scale is completely off.


For that matter, I’m not so entirely sure I like the wallpaper either…

So in order to make up for an evening in which I spent a lot of time getting very little accomplished, I thought I’d end with a photo of the lovely child’s bed I received in the mail today…


At least that’s one thing that looks good…

Good night.